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AC Loogman since 1953

From market stall holder to professional wholesaler.


AC Loogman since 1953

Since 1953, we have been ensuring that customers from far and wide are able to enjoy the best varieties of potatoes. Our catering industry department is now a fully-fledged supplier for cafeterias and restaurants in the surrounding area. The commitment of our staff is key to our success. In this magazine, we explain how our family business evolved into a professional potato wholesaler and catering industry specialist.


From market stall holder to professional wholesaler

Loogman’s history dates back to 1953, when Arie Loogman decided to sell potatoes from a spot at the Central Wholesale Market in Amsterdam. The business was a success. Loogman bought a small warehouse on the Central Market, where the Food Center is located today. When his son Peter, Ben and Arie joined the company, the growth continued, especially when the first packaging machine was introduced in the 1960s and Loogman began to supply the rapidly emerging supermarket chains. Loogman grew in line with this group of customers and the volume of business increased.

The second generation of the Loogman family took over the management of the company and in 1975, AC Loogman purchased its current premises at the Food Center Amsterdam, the main wholesale market for food produced by and intended for the Amsterdam region. The business at the Food Center meet the needs of retailers and the catering industry and together offer the largest and most diverse range of fresh products in the Netherlands. Christine and Ad are the third generation of the Loogman family, who now run the company. The fourth generation is also active in the company on a regular basis.

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The potato specialists par excellence

AC Loogman is much more than just a wholesaler with an extensive knowledge of potatoes. Growers are not just suppliers, but also partners with whom Loogman cooperates to produce the best possible product. In order to ensure that the correct quality is being achieved, Loogman sells seed potatoes to the growers.


The varieties are determined in consultation with the customer. AC Loogman buys the potatoes directly from well-known potato growers who meet the high quality requirements. The product range of AC Loogman is very wide and customers can also choose from various kinds of peeled potatoes. AC Loogman’s drivers transport the potatoes to Amsterdam, where they are first inspected in the laboratory by a staff member of the quality control department. They are then washed and sorted by a fully automated optical reader.



The potatoes are then sorted again manually and packaged by one of the six fully automatic packaging machines in foil packs of 1, 2½, 5 or 10 kg. Private label packaging is also an option. Additional checks are carried out during this process in order to guarantee quality. The potatoes are delivered throughout the Netherlands six days per week using Loogman’s own vehivles. Deliveries are made within 24 hours via DCs, cross docking and, if required, directly to branches. AC Loogman delivers the potatoes to customers in the Netherlands, but also throughout Europe.

Specialist for the catering industry

In the 1970s, Loogman began to deliver potato products to businesses within the catering industry. Today, AC Loogman operates a full-fledged catering industry department with six members of staff. In addition to different types of potato products, customers can also choose from frozen snacks from well-known top brands, sauces and fats, soft drinks, ice cream and packaging materials. Customers include cafeterias and snack bars, as well as restaurants that prefer to receive quality and a personal service. AC Loogman is a member of the Horeca Foodgroup (Food group for the catering industry), a group of wholesalers who have combined their purchasing abilities. The group developed the private label ‘Frappant’, which offers the quality of a top brand at a very competitive price.